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There’s no “I’ in intern. Oh wait, actually there is.

But there’s also a “t” for team.

Which means being an intern at Dow Jones is not only about you - what you contribute individually, but also about how you function, interact, and thrive on a team. Team Dow Jones.

If you’re either a “one man show” or someone who lets the rest of the team pick up your slack – this may not be the gig for you. If you’re brilliant but also brilliantly collaborative – read on.

A bit about us…..here at Dow Jones we value interns: your fresh perspectives, differing approaches, and “hey, let’s give this a try” attitude. We need your skills, innovative ideas, and unique backgrounds to help us navigate the ever changing media / news landscape.

If you apply to one of our internship programs, you’ll be joining a group of highly entrepreneurial, driven, and yet collegial news junkies. We live & breathe news. We are up for the challenge of re-thinking the news business. And we do this in an open plan office (even our CEO sits at a cubicle) with lots of coffee and lots of teamwork.

We are not a hierarchical culture – we’re flat. We don’t say, “oh we’ve always done it that way.” We think about how to make things better & faster. We are not big into titles here. What you do & how you think, not where you sit on the org chart - is what matters.

Sound like you? Check out our internship programs!


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